How does the rating of the sites of the real estate portal Dom2000
1. The user adds a site - the button "Add" Green is located at the top right of each page.
2.On the edit page of the company is HTML-code buttons counter that you want to place on your site.
3. System Dom2000 counts page views and on the basis of the statistics forming the rating of the real estate sites.
Important: HTML-button code-counter should not be changed when placing and should be clearly visible when viewing pages.

Principles counting
clears the displayed number of visitors over the past 24 hours, the so-called "rolling" basis.This distinguishes rating Dom2000 from those systems where the number of visitors is reset at the start of each day. Trailing count allows more objectively evaluate site traffic.The reason is that users visit sites unevenly throughout the day. Peak attendance usually falls on the working hours, with a slight slowdown at lunchtime.Thus, in the case of statistics reset at midnight, it is difficult to give an accurate assessment of the real estate site traffic in the morning. The system, developed portal Dom2000 devoid of this shortcoming.

Protection against cheating
It's no secret that the various rankings Saitou real estate on the Internet are at risk of displaying inflated attendance.This occurs when using special software - just a robot or "bot" that simulates the user entry to the page. This is called "cheat" (cheat).Technicians portal Dom2000 have developed a unique system of protection against cheating. "Quality" of visitors each site real estate is determined by 5 different figures.In the event that the system detects the fact of cheating on one or more parameters, the rating for some time continues to recognize these artificially inflated values.Only after a certain period of time, the system imposes penalties on the site and reduces its real estate sites in the ranking until the complete elimination.Such a delay is done intentionally to make it impossible to bypass the protection system of trial and error.Among the methods of protection can upomyat approaches such as the analysis of the distribution of the main query parameters (for example, user agent, new vs returning users, web / mobile, screen size, OS) and its comparison with the reference distribution.Another know-how of the portal is the so-called "mutating javascript" - the program counter is changed periodically, so easily detectable bots using emulation browser (javascript-interpreter of any kind, other than those actually used in the browser).For obvious reasons, we will not talk in detail about the other methods.However, it is worth mentioning that one of them is based on a genetic algortme (GA) - a self-learning system that analyzes all available data set for each site, and enrolled in the "trusted" sites.

Questions and Answers
My site has a large number of visitors, but in the list below of sites with 1-2 visitors a day. What is the reason?
Such a situation occurs when was changed HTML code-button counter.Place the original code and the problem should be solved.

Our site uses a secure protocol SSL (HTTPS).When placing counter code conventional search engines browser displays a warning that some of the resources on the page is loading insecure connection.
Portal Dom2000 uvelyaet serious attention to the issue of safety and fully supports SSL protocol. HTML-code counter loads the necessary resources (button image and the control script) by the protocol that is used on the site visitors at the moment.When changing from HTTP to HTTPS security problems do not arise.

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