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Commercial real estate (including shops, retail space) are always in demand in the Ukrainian market. The acquisition of such objects is relevant not only for the representatives of large companies, but also for entrepreneurs.When expanding the business, you should definitely think about buying a new space for the shop. For such purposes, use a special section on our website.

If you want to find a room for a shop, ask all the important settings for you: the budget for the purchase (price per item) to the technical state of the object. So you will be able to carry out the most accurate choices and find all the necessary information on each object.The more ads you find, the more chances you have to buy a shop in Kiev for his business.

In addition, you can search for suitable options, see « non-residential real estate ».Especially for you, here are presented the ad for which you can buy any trading area in the right area of ​​the capital.

Selection of premises

At the Future of the store a careful approach to the choice of premises.It is necessary to calculate the possibility of re-planning, the amount for the purchase, convenience of location to potential buyers. Pay attention to the technical condition of the premises sold.

Sales of stores are carried out, both in the secondary and the primary market, for example, in a new complex with non-residential premises, which are usually located on the ground floor. When buying a flat from the builder is possible   equip a store to your taste.

Often these areas immediately after the purchase can be used to trade. It will only complement the shop with all necessary furniture.Sometimes customers have to carry out alterations to the building or room that can serve as   additional   expenditure.

If you need a property under the supermarket, you will need the most spacious room or building.To equip it in the old Soviet commercial premises is not necessary, since they will be more difficult to reschedule. The room as a warehouse to store your most cheaply will cost in the area of ​​industrial zones or on the outskirts of Kiev.

Store shopping features

It's worth noting that the sales of commercial real estate is always accompanied by appropriate documentation. To check and determine the legality of the transaction, you can use the services of a realtor.But in any case, before buying the store in Kiev, it is important to know the full information about the property owner. In addition, the shop should not be enrolled in the housing.

When you purchase the most appropriate option, keep in mind that the cost of shopping in the capital may depend on the US dollar exchange rate fluctuations. It is therefore desirable to monitor the changes in the dollar, so as not to overpay superfluous.  Retail space cost also depends on their location in the Kiev area, the presence of the necessary communications, technical condition and others.

Found 1548 ads

For sale: shop
Bereznyaki, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Yuriya Shumskogo ul., 10  
1 room, 33 m2
1 240 755 грн. per object / 37 599 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Юрия Шумского ул., 10, Bereznyaki (7603-346) |

Bereznyaki. Predlagaem otlichnoe fasadnoe pomeschenie s deystvuyuschim biznesom ploschadyu 33 kv.m. Nezhiloy fond. Raspolozhenie - v zhilom dome po ul.Shumskogo. Horoshiy trafik. Otdelnaya vhodnaya gr...

Marina Vladimirovna  050 38***** show
For sale: shop
Stara Darnitsya, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Fanernaya ul., 46  
1 room, 180 m2
2 986 500 грн. per object / 16 592 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Фанерная ул., 46, Stara Darnitsya (7591-319) |

Darnitskiy rayon , Harkovskoe shosse 46, Otdelno stoyaschee, fasadnoe, sovremennoe zdanie 180 kv.m, na 4 sotkah, asfalt, vitrinnye okna, dva fasadnyh vhoda, steklopakety, prohodnoe i proezdno...

Sergey Yurevich  044 23***** show
For sale: shop
Mik. Slobidka, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Mitropolita Andreya Sheptitskogo ul., 10  
6 room, 518 m2
51 585 000 грн. per object / 99 585 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Митрополита Андрея Шептицкого ул., 10, Mik. Slobidka (7591-328) |

Kiev, metro Levoberezhnaya, Lunacharskogo 10, 124kirpich torgovoe pomeschenie. Magazin, restoran, bank, fitnes, apteka, 518 kvm, chetyre otdelnyh vhoda, v dvuh etazhah, superfasad i "superpro...

Sergey Yurevich  044 23***** show
For sale: shop
Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr), Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Bogdana Hmelnitskogo ul., 63  
3 room, 93 m2
4 751 250 грн. per object / 51 089 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Богдана Хмельницкого ул., 63, Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr) (7593-700) |

tsentralnaya chast Kieva , B. Hmelnitskogo 63 nezhiloy fond ploschadyu 93 m2, pervyy polnotsennyy etazh, fasadnye okna s zaschitnymi roletami, otdalnyy vhod, est vozmozhnost sdelat fasadnyy vhod,...

Varvara  050 33***** show
For sale: shop
Golosiyivskiy (tsentr), Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Antonovicha (Gorkogo) str., 8  
5 room, 270 m2
15 475 500 грн. per object / 57 317 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Антоновича (Горького) str., 8, Golosiyivskiy (tsentr) (3995-828) |

Bez komissii, torgovo-ofisnoe pomeschenie, fasad, ul. Gorkogo, m. Lva Tolstogo Fasadnoe pomeschenie, vitriny. Obschaya ploschad 270 m². 1 etazh, nezhiloy fond. Dva fasadnyh vhoda i odin so dvo...

Real Estate Agency «Ukrrealty», Ukrrealty  38 063 ******* show
For sale: shop
Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr), Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Saksaganskogo str., 104  
3 room, 258 m2
14 389 500 грн. per object / 55 773 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Саксаганского str., 104, Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr) (4844-257) |

Bez komissii, fasadnoe torgovoe pomeschenie, ul. Saksaganskogo, m. Universitet Fasad, 1-ya liniya, «street retail». Ploschad 258m². 1 etazh v odnom urovne. Fasadnyy vhod i so dvora, bolshie vitr...

Real Estate Agency «Ukrrealty», Ukrrealty  38 063 ******* show
For sale: shop
Svyatoshin, Svyatoshinskiy, Kyiv city
Tuluzy str.  
2 room, 400 m2
8 959 500 грн. per object / 22 399 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Тулузы str., Svyatoshin (7558-976) |

Prodaetsya otdelnoe, pristroennoe k vysokoetazhnomu domu pomeschenie. Planirovka pozvolyaet ispolzovat pomeschenie kak pod proizvodstvo tak i pod magazin, sklad ili ofis. Pomeschenie sostoit iz d...

Miroslav  050 78***** show
For sale: shop
Stara Darnitsya, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Andreya Malyshko ul., 5  
4 room, 890 m2
28 996 200 грн. per object / 32 580 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Андрея Малышко ул., 5, Stara Darnitsya (7492-986) |

Torgovye ploschadi s arendatorami obschaya ploschad 890m, ves pervyy etazh 4 vhoda s raznyh storon konditsionirovanie, ventilyatsiya, remont Vozmozhna chastichnaya prodazha ot 100 metrov Komissiya:...

Dmitriy  097 93***** show
For sale: shop
Stara Darnitsya, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Andreya Malyshko ul., 5  
5 room, 254 m2
8 275 320 грн. per object / 32 580 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Андрея Малышко ул., 5, Stara Darnitsya (7492-983) |

Torgovye ploschadi s arendatorami ves pervyy etazh 2 vhoda s raznyh storon konditsionirovanie, ventilyatsiya, remont vozmozhno uvelichit do 900 metrov Komissiya: 3%

Dmitriy  097 93***** show
For sale: shop
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Sofi Rusovoy ul., 7  
1 room, 59 m2
2 402 775 грн. per object / 40 725 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Софьи Русовой ул., 7, Osokorki (7566-657) |

bez kom V prodazhe varianty nezhilyh pomescheniy na 1om etazhe , est pomeschenie nomer 3 -64, 1m2 tsena 96150 ue , nomer 4- 58, 67m2 tsena 88005 ue, i nomer 8- 63, 92m2 tsena 95880ue s otdelnym vh...

Ruslan  097 34***** show
For sale: shop
Livoberezhniy, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Kahovskaya ul., 60  
1 room, 72 m2
1 782 000 грн. per object / 24 750 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Каховская ул., 60, Livoberezhniy (7566-744) |

1-y etazh v Dneprovskom rayone po ul. Kahovskaya 60, planirovki 72m2, est pomescheniya № 17, 36 Novyy zhiloy kompleks, vblizi nahoditsya stantsiya metro Levoberezhnaya (1, 4 km.), konechnaya ost...

Ruslan  097 34***** show
For sale: shop
Pechersk, Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Druzhby Narodov bulv., 14  
7 room, 437 m2
13 644 233 грн. per object / 31 223 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Дружбы Народов бульв., 14, Pechersk (7508-738) |

Bez komissii. Prodazha torgovo-ofisnogo pomescheniya, Druzhby narodov, 14-16, Vyhod na ul. Cheshskuyu. Nezhiloy fond. Plosch. 437m.kv., neskolko vhodov (vozmozhno ispolzovanie chastyami). Ofisnyy ...

Anton  067 90***** show
For sale: shop
Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr), Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Voznesenskiy spusk str.  
1 room, 73 m2
3 773 850 грн. per object / 51 697 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Вознесенский спуск str., Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr) (7427-636) |

Prodazha fasadnyh pomescheniy s otdelnym vhodom v novom BTs na Voznesenskom spuske 23(Lvovskaya ploschad). Novoe fasadnoe zdanie, 5 etazhey, lift. 60 m2, 73 m2, 81 m2, 111 m2? 136 m2. Otdelnye...

Aleksandr  067 54***** show
For sale: shop
Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr), Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Simona Petlyury ul., 13  
1 room, 145 m2
101 500 грн. per object / 700 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Симона Петлюры ул., 13, Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr) (7570-349) |

Arenda pomescheniya: (145 kv.m), ul.Simona Petlyury 13/135 Nezhiloe pomeschenie, 1 etazh, 145 kv. m, fasad, vitrina. Ugol ul. Saksaganskogo, fasad na ul. Simona Petlyury (byvshaya ul.Komintern...

Kirill  050 16***** show
For sale: shop
Borschagivka, Svyatoshinskiy, Kyiv city
Zodchih str., 52a  
248 m2
1 221 750 грн. per object / 4 926 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Зодчих str., 52а, Borschagivka (5119-058) |

ul. Zodchih 52a, Podvalnoe suhoe pomeschenie s oknami v priyamkah – nezhiloy fond, 248kv.m. v torgovom tsentre na ozhivlennom meste, produktovom i ovoschnom rynke. 7 otdelnyh komnat, dva vhoda – o...

Aleksandr  067 23***** show
For sale: shop
Tatarka, Shulyavka, Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Pobedy prosp., 68  
3 room, 72 m2
2 334 900 грн. per object / 32 429 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Победы просп., 68, Tatarka (7580-648) |

Prodam bez komissii nezhiloy fond Shevchenkovskiy r-n, pr-t Pobedy, 68. Obschaya ploschad - 72kv. m, tsokolnoe pomeschenie, dvustoronnee, dva vhoda, svoya otdelnaya ventilyatsiya, ryadom st.M "...

Nataliya  068 04***** show
For sale: shop
Podil, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Kirillovskaya ul.  
1 room, 77 m2
3 122 250 грн. per object / 40 549 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Кирилловская ул., Podil (7584-626) |

Prodazha fasadnyh pomescheniy (magazinov) na Podole. ul. Frunze ( Kirillovskaya). Novoe otdelnostoyaschee zdanie. 77 m2, fasadnyy vhod, vtoroy vyhod vo dvor, sanuzel. Metro Tarasa Shevchenko - 10 m...

Aleksandr  067 54***** show
For sale: shop
Mik. Slobidka, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Kahovskaya ul., 60  
4 room, 516 m2
21 672 000 грн. per object / 42 000 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Каховская ул., 60, Mik. Slobidka (7601-328) |

Prodazha nezhilogo torgovogo pomescheniya v novom ZhK. Kiev, Kahovskaya 60, Dneprovskiy rayon. Perekrestok s ulitsey Chelyabinskoy, dom nomer 4. Nezhiloe pomeschenie obschey ploschadyu - 515, 91...

Oleg  067 50***** show
For sale: shop
Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Protasov Yar ul.  
5 room, 1/8, 310 m2 (total)
8 932 350 грн. per object / 28 814 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Протасов Яр ул., Solom'yanskiy (5650-366) |

Predlagaem k prodazhe ofisnoe pomeschenie na 1 etazhe zhilogo kompleksa "Alpiyskiy". Otdelnyy vyhod, vsego 2 vhoda. Obschaya ploschad - 310 kv.m. Pomeschenie gotovo k chistovoy otdelke. Razvedeny vse...

Real Estate Agency «Sitalo Real Estate Kiev», Anastasiya Sitalo  06714********** show
For sale: shop
Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Simferopolskaya ul.  
30 room, 2600 m2 (total), 26 hundreds sq. m.
29 865 000 грн. per object / 11 487 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Симферопольская ул., Dniprovskiy (6657-878) |

Prodaetsya ofisnoe zdanie po ul. Simferopolskoy, Darnitsa.Obschaya ploschad zdaniya 2600 kv.m, 3 etazha+ mansarda.26 sotok v polzovanii.Kabinetnaya sistema, do 140 kabinetov.Zdanie posle rekonstru...

Real Estate Agency «Sitalo Real Estate Kiev», Nataliya Mishkorez  06786***** show