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There comes a time when one wants to change a little, sweltering apartment for a spacious house with a lawn. Detached house always had more advantages over the housing in an apartment building. This property in the city — is a luxury.But apart from the spacious square meters, the absence of neighbors behind the wall, it will be possible to arrange a flower bed, garden, or even land.Additionally, in Kiev it is possible to get all the benefits of a developed infrastructure. Supermarkets, transport interchanges, child care, etc. And   in the house, you can always invite more guests.

If the dream of silence and solitude, tired of the fast rhythm of life of the capital, wondering about buying a large apartment or private home, you should prefer the last option.

Search dream home

To buy a house in Kiev, it is necessary to use the services of our resource. Here you can find a huge amount of ads homes for every budget.Search the most suitable property can be accomplished by several criteria. To do this, use convenient filters in this section. They will help narrow your search and reduce your time to get rid of unsuitable objects.

Our resource will give you information about what property is available, as well as its features and price. Here you can find a variety of offers — from relatively inexpensive to luxury, as the renovated, and without it.Price at home in Kiev, formed the basis of several factors, for example, such as its size, location and living condition.

If you find a suitable option does not work, but there is a desire to live only in the city, you can look after himself a penthouse in elite new. It can also give the charms of life on an isolated area with beautiful views of the city.

Dreams of buying a private home may well become a reality, even if he can not afford. For example, you can find a house in the suburbs or in the Kiev region. Nature and silence — undeniable advantages of such a purchase.

Location of a private house

Despite the dense zastraivanie capital   new buildings, to buy a house in Kiev, without intermediaries is quite real.Moreover, you will be   owner of a residential property that will meet all your needs.

Buy a house can be in any part of the capital. In Kiev   still remain quiet streets, there is a cozy neighborhoods with private homes.These include, for example, the private sector in areas Borschagivka, Osokorki, Nivok, raw, Svyatoshino, Solomenka, Rusanivsky gardens, near the National Botanic Garden at Pechersk and others.

Due to the high cost of houses in Kiev, they are not so massive sales, but still has a certain demand. It can be as old houses, small cottages and modern houses with a large area.If you want to buy a dream home in this section, you will find ads with photos and all information you need.

You can directly contact the owner of the house or realtor.The latter can even choose a home that will meet all the specs you and the desired value.

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For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
1-ya Ozernaya ul., 2  
5 room, 210 / 10 / 35 m2, 6 hundreds sq. m.
5 808 000 грн.

For sale:  home - 1-я Озерная ул., 2, Osokorki (9801-250) |

Dom-termos 2010-goda postroyki.( dachi Osokorki 1 shlyuz) Ploschad 210 kv.m. otoplenie, goryachaya voda, 2 san uzla v dome (v kazhdom dush + udobstva). Rasstoyanie do Dnepra 5 minut peshkom. Rasstoy...

Ruslan  063 57***** show
For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Tsentralnaya ul.  
7 room, 560 m2 (total), 50 hundreds sq. m.
43 560 000 грн.

For sale:  home - Центральная ул., Osokorki (9799-192) |

Dom s vyhodom na zaliv Dnepra, svoy prichal, basseyn, sauna, hamam, dzhakuzi. Domashniy kinoteatr, kamin. Bytovaya tehnika Miele, Liebherr. Elitnyy kottedzhnyy gorodok na 30 domov, raspolozhen...

Aleksandr  068 01***** show
For sale: home
Korchuvate, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
shosse Stolichnoe  
6 room, 400 m2 (total), 10 hundreds sq. m.
22 176 000 грн.

For sale:  home - шоссе Столичное, Korchuvate (9799-193) |

Prodazh budinku v elitnomu kotedzhnomu mistechku zakritogo tipu Konik. Dim zbudovaniy v 2012 rotsi, v 2020 rotsi provedeno zagalniy kosmetichniy remont. Zagalna ploscha budinku 399, 7 m2, zhila - 14...

Aleksandr  068 01***** show
For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Sadovaya ul.  
4 room, 100 / 50 / 19 m2, 10 hundreds sq. m.
3 828 000 грн.

For sale:  home - Садовая ул., Osokorki (9794-297) |

Prodam krasivyy i novyy dom s remontom, v gorode Kieve - rayon Osokorki, ul. Troyandova, stroilsya dlya sebya, postroen s ispolzovaniem tolko kachestvennyh evropeyskih materialov s soblyudeniem vs...

Vasiliy  093 05***** show
For sale: home
Rusanivka, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Rusanivski sadi vul.  
6 room, 260 m2 (total), 8 hundreds sq. m.
3 088 800 грн.

For sale:  home - Русанівські сади вул., Rusanivka (9799-180) |

Vozmozhno li opisat "dom" odnim slovom? Chto vam pervoe prihodit na um? Teplo? Uyut? Dlya kazhdogo cheloveka dom - eto ne prosto mesto, eto chastichka dushi. Svoe mesto sily. Zhivya v bolshom goro...

Mariya  067 85***** show
For sale: home
Obolon, Obolonskiy, Kyiv city
Bogatyrskaya ul.  
7 room, 300 m2 (total), 8 hundreds sq. m.
5 148 000 грн.

For sale:  home - Богатырская ул., Obolon (9795-698) |

BEZ KOMISSII! Prodazha doma na Oboloni vozle Dnepra! Elitnyy dachnyy kooperativ "Chernobylets", ul. Bogatyrskaya, Vyshgorodskoe napravlenie. Dom vveden v ekspluatatsiyu, s dokumentami. Ploschad 30...

Elena  067 23***** show
For sale: home
Lisoviy, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Radistov ul.  
4 room, 126 / 65 / 15 m2, 5 hundreds sq. m.
3 247 200 грн.

For sale:  home - Радистов ул., Lisoviy (9795-681) |

Prodayutsya doma v zhivopisnom lesnom kottedzhnom poselke. Mestoraspolozhenie: gorod Kiev, mikrorayon Bykovnya, ul. 5 Sadovaya. 2km. ot metro Lesnaya. Utrom vas razbudit svezhiy lesnoy vozduh i pen...

Elena  067 24***** show
For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Tsentralnaya ul.  
4 room, 130 m2 (total), 14 hundreds sq. m.
3 643 200 грн.

For sale:  home - Центральная ул., Osokorki (9799-055) |

Bez % Osokorki. Komfortnyy i udobnyy dom s vyhodom v oz. Svyatische! Zakrytyy kooperativ Dobrobut, ul. Verbnaya, 60 . Dom -2020g, stroili dlya SEBYa. 100% gotovnost, vstroennaya kuhnya i bytovaya ...

Tatyana  063 23***** show
For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
1-a Entuziastiv vul.  
5 room, 269 / 135 / 20 m2, 12 hundreds sq. m.
4 171 200 грн.


Osokorki, suchasniy tseglyaniy budinok, vse poruch, terminovo! Garniy velikiy budinok v 5 km vid metro Slavutich, yevroremont, na 12 sotkah, garne tihe mistse. Opalennya 3h vidiv, ochistka vodi...

Vitaliy  097 74***** show
For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
1-y Druzhbi prov.  
5 room, 139 / 90 / 18 m2, 6 hundreds sq. m.
4 725 600 грн.

For sale:  home - 1-й Дружби пров., Osokorki (9801-119) |

Osokorki, noviy TERMO budinok, suchasniy remont, Terminovo! Suchasne kotedzhne mistechko, pid ohoronoyu. 15 hv. do metro Osokorki. sudohidniy zaliv Dnipra, poruch marshrutka, restorani, kafe, ...

Vitaliy  097 74***** show
For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
1-a Entuziastiv vul.  
5 room, 259 / 125 / 20 m2, 7 hundreds sq. m.
4 593 600 грн.

For sale:  home - 1-а Ентузіастів вул., Osokorki (9801-118) |

Osokorki, ST na zakritiy teritoriyi, ohorona, vsi vigodi. Terminovo! Do metro proyti pishki, vse suchasne, 7 sotok, baseyn, sauna, pidval, pogreb, sad, kaminniy zal, trenazherka, kimnata ...

Vitaliy  097 74***** show
For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
1-a Sadova vul.  
5 room, 137 / 80 / 20 m2, 6 hundreds sq. m.
3 484 800 грн.

For sale:  home - 1-а Садова вул., Osokorki (9801-117) |

Osokorki, noviy budinok, suchasniy remont, Terminovo! Dilyanka 6 sotok, do metro 5 hvilin na avto. Gazove opalennya, vse suchasne, garne mistse. 2 poverhi, 5 prostorih kimnat. Pereglyadi v bud ...

Vitaliy  097 74***** show
For sale: home
Vidradniy, Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Borislavskaya ul.  
5 room, 240 / 140 / 23 m2, 4 hundreds sq. m.
9 134 400 грн.

For sale:  home - Бориславская ул., Vidradniy (9803-921) |

Bez komissii! V Solomenskom rayone, v tihom meste, po ulitse Borislavskaya prodaetsya dom dlya schastlivoy semi. + Dom stoit na uchastke 4 sotki, v glubine uchastka. Territoriya kompaktnaya, uhozh...

Lyudmila  095 72***** show
For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
129-ya Sadovaya ul., 4  
9 room, 360 / 150 / 20 m2, 8 hundreds sq. m.
4 488 000 грн.

For sale:  home - 129-я Садовая ул., 4, Osokorki (9801-108) |

Dom zhiloy 8 sotkah.3 Etazha iz gazobloka uteplen penoplastom.zh.b 3 etazhe derevyannye perekrytiya.1e.2 vhoda. Teplye poly po vseiu etazhk, kuhnya 2 komnaty spalnya.s.u.dush...

lena  066 40***** show
For sale: home
Bortnichi, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Levadna vul., 16  
5 room, 250 m2 (total), 5 hundreds sq. m.
1 320 000 грн.

For sale:  home - Левадна вул., 16, Bortnichi (9784-638) |

Prodam otlichnyy kirpichnyy dom Darnitskiy rayon, massiv Bortnichi, ul. Levadnaya. Obschaya ploschad doma 250 kv.m. Ploschad uchastka 5 sotok. Dom kirpichnyy, krysha metalocherepitsa. V dome proizv...

M Group  098 78***** show
For sale: home
Bortnichi, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Petra Prokopovicha ul., 23  
5 room, 180 / 95 / 60 m2, 1 hundred sq. m.
4 144 800 грн.

For sale:  home - Петра Прокоповича ул., 23, Bortnichi (9791-678) |

Prodaetsya 3-h etazhnyy taunhaus ploschadyu S-183/42/10. Kvartira nahoditsya v tsentre doma, raspolozhennogo po adresu ulitsa Petra Prokopovicha (Frunze) 23-A, Darnitskogo rayona. Vsego v dome 5 tau...

M Group  098 78***** show
For sale: home
Kurenivka, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Sineozernaya ul.  
3 room, 158 / 88 / 13.2 m2, 6.5 hundreds sq. m.
6 468 000 грн.

For sale:  home - Синеозерная ул., Kurenivka (9786-787) |

Prodaetsya 2h etazhnyy dom s remontom i mebelyu v Kieve, Podolskiy rayon, ul. Sineozernaya 10, Berkovtsy. Obschaya ploschad doma- 158 kv.m, 6, 5 sotok. Dom ochen teplyy (material- kirpich, utepl...

Viktoriya  063 25***** show
For sale: home
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
1-ya Sadovaya ul.  
4 room, 275 m2 (total), 10 hundreds sq. m.
10 032 000 грн.

For sale:  home - 1-я Садовая ул., Osokorki (9801-095) |

Prodazha doma v Osokorkah!Dom ploschadyu 275 m2 plyus gostevoy dom 150m2 s saunoy, spalnyami, s/u. V osnovnom dome tri spalni, kuhnya stolovaya, gostinaya, sauna, garderobnye. Stroili dlya sebya...

Valeriya  066 74***** show
For sale: home
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Radosinskaya ul.  
3 room, 340 / 160 / 50 m2, 8 hundreds sq. m.
18 744 000 грн.

For sale:  home - Радосинская ул., Troyeschina (9798-996) |

Dom 340 m2, 8 sotok. (Desnyanskiy r-n), v kottedzhnom gorodke Desnyanskiy. Forma upravleniya gorodka kooperativ. Raspolozhenie v chistoy ekologicheskoy zone g. Kieva. Ryadom s gorodkom - r. Desenka...

Aleksandr  097 79***** show
For sale: home
Pechersk, Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Zverinetskaya ul.  
4 room, 165 / 130 / 18 m2, 6 hundreds sq. m.
11 088 000 грн.

For sale:  home - Зверинецкая ул., Pechersk (9795-577) |

Zverinetskaya ul.Prodazha nebolshogo uyutnogo doma 170m.kv.3 etazha, gostinaya, kuhnya-stolovaya, kabinet, 2spalni, mansarda, sauna, garazh. Mebel, bytovaya tehnika.Domik sadovnika 60m.kv. Horosha...

Irina  097 25***** show