Sale apartments in Kyiv city: type of the building secondary market


Acquisition of real estate in Kiev requires substantial financial embezzlement. The most expensive square meter of housing in Ukraine are located in the capital.

To minimize your costs, you can buy an apartment in Kiev on the secondary real estate market. Now it is not difficult, because the number of proposals is large enough.You can not say about the demand, since in recent years Resale has become less interested buyers. And this despite the fact that prices for apartments in this segment fell slightly.Change the price situation and construction companies, who rent a large number of new facilities.

Sale of apartments from owners in Kiev

Housing prices in Kiev are often dependent on its location: the area and the proximity to the metro.If you are looking for more affordable options of apartments in the secondary market, pay attention to the property sleeping areas and suburbs of the capital. Here you will find the cheapest options.Buy an apartment in Kiev, the owners of cheap can be Troyeschina, Borshchagovka or near Staraya Darnitsa. Slightly more expensive than they are at the Kharkov array Poznyaky and more expensive — Obolon, Towers.Real estate prices in the Crypt and the Shevchenko district, near the waterfront of the Dnieper, as well as in the city center, above all.

At the cost of an apartment influences and its area, layout, condition (presence or absence of repair), infrastructure, as well as how long ago built a house and so on. If the apartment does not have such important « advantages », you can bargain.Sometimes you can find very good предложение — приобрести  квартиру in Kyiv on the secondary market inexpensive   and   without a catch. This happens, for example, when the owners need to as quickly as possible to sell the property because of the particular situation.

When buying apartments in the secondary market should be as considerate of frequent cases of fraud. So arrange the deal better with tried and trusted real estate agents or companies to help identify all the nuances.When buying real estate in the « secondary housing » there is a risk to live next to disadvantaged neighbors. Before you purchase a house, it is necessary to ask for them at the tenants or the landlord.

Selection of apartments in the secondary market

Buying an apartment — not an easy process, but to facilitate its search you will help the real estate portal « Dom2000 ». Here you can easily find all the offers for the sale of apartments in Kiev from the owners.But you can do and to advertise the fact that you want to buy a home.

On our website you will find a simple and advanced search to determine the most appropriate option property.Using filters in the catalog of our site, it is easy enough to find the desired object by parameters such as the location, number of rooms, type of house, the area, the price per object or per square meter. All ads, and you can sort by date.If necessary, you can easily switch to the other filter and go to a specific section, for example, new buildings. Also, to narrow down some of the parameters, it is possible to use the advanced search.

If you have found the best option, a tour with the owners willing to buy it, you should use a professional assessment of real estate, not to « burn » to purchase. It is better to find an expert with years of experience.It will help you to establish an adequate price of the apartment from the owner. It is important to deal with the notary who will do everything legally — will issue documents, access a variety of innovations.

Found 45225 ads

For sale: 2-room apartment
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Zakrevskogo M., 97  
2 room, 2/22, 68 / 36 / 11.6 m2
1 716 000 грн. per object / 25 238 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Закревського М., 97, Troyeschina (8346-502) |

Shikarna kvartira na Troyeschini, Miloslavichi. Rozdilni kimnati, V kvartiri zrobleniy shikarniy remont, stan - zayizhdzhay i zhivi. Zalishayutsya vsi vbudovani mebli, inshe za domovlenistyu za ok...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Safronova Lyudmila Ivanivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Zakrevskogo M., 93a  
3 room, 11/25, 110 / 55.9 / 15.2 m2
2 904 000 грн. per object / 26 400 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Закревського М., 93а, Troyeschina (8402-065) |

Kvartira z dorogim remontom! Italiyski mebli ta shpaleri. Pidloga: nimetskiy laminat nayvischoyi yakosti. Plitka ta santehnika: Ispaniya. Kuhnya-studiya z vbudovanoyu kuhneyu i usiyeyu pobutovoyu tehn...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Kontorschikova Marina Sergiyivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Lisoviy, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Lisoviy prosp., 35  
3 room, 3/16, 92 / 47.1 / 11.8 m2
2 059 200 грн. per object / 22 387 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Лісовий просп., 35, Lisoviy (8565-640) |

Kvartira z yakisnim dobrotnim remontom. Meblovana, ye vsya neobhidna pobutova tehnika. Vstanovleno boyler na 150l. Na pidlozi linoleum. Dvostoronnya kvartira, vikna vihodyat u dvir i na lis. U parad...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Fedyukov Oleksandr Oleksandrovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Obolon, Obolonskiy, Kyiv city
Ozerna(Obolon) str., 14  
3 room, 5/16, 68 / 41.2 / 9.3 m2
1 821 600 грн. per object / 26 796 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Озерна(Оболонь) str., 14, Obolon (8521-043) |

Prostora kvartira z kosmetichnim remontom. Zamina trub, santehniki, elektroprovodki, postavleni metaloplastikovi vikna, dva balkoni zaskleni. Vbudovani mebli, shafa-kupe, kuhnya, pobutova tehni...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Levkovich Vitaliy Valeriyovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Pershotravneviy, Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Stadionna str., 16/6  
2 room, 10/16, 45 / 32 / 8.1 m2
1 784 377 грн. per object / 39 643 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Стадіонна str., 16/6, Pershotravneviy (8567-081) |

Kvartira z yevroremontom. Novi vikna ta tepliy balkon, sonyachna storona. Ohayniy pid'yizd. Poruch dityachiy maydanchik, shkola №115 z baseynom, bagatoprofilniy medichniy tsentr ProfMedical, Kinot...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Deykalo Bogdan Igorovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Pershotravneviy, Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Svitlichnogo Ivana (Petrovskogo) str., 4  
3 room, 3/5, 72 / 50.2 / 10 m2
2 244 000 грн. per object / 31 178 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Світличного Івана (Петровського) str., 4, Pershotravneviy (8567-105) |

Kvartira: vnutrishnya, dvostoronnya, rozdilna, zrobleniy kapitalniy yakisniy yevroremont, stini i pidloga vivedeni idealno. Povna zamina komunikatsiy - midna provodka, trubi, radiatori, stoyaki...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Yartseva Veronika Kostyantinivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Obolon, Obolonskiy, Kyiv city
Geroyiv Dnipra str., 20  
3 room, 2/9, 68 / 40.5 / 8.4 m2
1 848 000 грн. per object / 27 166 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Героїв Дніпра str., 20, Obolon (8513-068) |

Remont, bronedveri, balkon zaskleniy. Radiatori opalennya alyuminiy Italiya. Lichilnik opalennya na budinok. Avtonomniy noviy boyler Gorenje, pralna mashina Bosch, povnistyu meblovana. Internet, ...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Novohatniy Sergiy Oleksandrovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Pecherskiy (tsentr), Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Tyutyunnika Vasilya (Barbyusa Anri) str., 37/1  
3 room, 12/25, 128 / 63.9 / 18.3 m2
6 732 000 грн. per object / 52 589 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Тютюнника Василя (Барбюса Анрі) str., 37/1, Pecherskiy (tsentr) (8567-064) |

Proponuyetsya kvartira z funktsionalnim dvostoronnim planuvannyam. veliki prostori kimnati, yevroremont, ukomplektovana vsiyeyu neobhidnoyu tehnikoyu i meblyami, televizor, pralna mashinka, vbudo...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Yatsunek Oleksandr Yevgenovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Obolonskiy, Kyiv city
Kondratyuka Yuriya, 2a  
3 room, 3/9, 65 / 46.4 / 7.4 m2
1 686 960 грн. per object / 25 951 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Кондратюка Юрія, 2а, Obolonskiy (8567-049) |

Dvostoronnya kvartira v zhitlovomu stani, remont 2013 roku, 2 balkona, odin z nih obladnaniy pid dityachu kimnatu, utepleniy, garderobna, vbudovani mebli. Kvartira ozdoblena materialami v svitli...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Novichihin Volodimir Volodimirovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 1-room apartment
Pecherskiy (tsentr), Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Predslavinska str., 55a  
1 room, 21/24, 48 / 28.9 / 8.9 m2
4 461 600 грн. per object / 92 954 грн. per m2

For sale:  1-room apartment - Предславинська str., 55а, Pecherskiy (tsentr) (8521-045) |

Dorogiy dizaynerskiy remont. Stilna kvartira na visokomu poversi z duzhe produmanim planuvannyam i velicheznim balkonom z vidom na misto. Ridkisna kvartira v ZhK Frantsuzkiy Kvartal 2. Funktsional dvo...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Graschenkova Ganna Volodimirivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Golosiyivskiy (tsentr), Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Antonovicha Volodimira (Gorkogo) str., 74  
2 room, 15/22, 77 / 30 / 28.9 m2
4 540 800 грн. per object / 58 978 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Антоновича Володимира (Горького) str., 74, Golosiyivskiy (tsentr) (8382-737) |

ZhK New York Concept House - zhitloviy kompleks biznes-klasu. Dvokimnatna kvartira na komfortnomu 15-mu poversi. Vikna vihodyat na NSK "Olimpiyskiy" ta vzdovzh vulitsi Antonovicha. Rozumniy budinok, ...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Iskra Oleksandr Valeriyovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Pecherskiy (tsentr), Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Kovpaka str., 4  
3 room, 6/9, 68.6 / 43.8 / 7.7 m2
2 508 000 грн. per object / 36 564 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Ковпака str., 4, Pecherskiy (tsentr) (8327-338) |

Chudova 3-h kimnatna kvartira v tsentri Kiyeva, st.M. Palats Ukrayini-7 hvilin. Kvartira chista, zatishna, zrobleniy kapitalniy remont. Bula provedena zamina vsih komunikatsiy (trubi, provodka). U...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Yusuhno Irina Anatoliyivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 5-room apartment
Pechersk, Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Staronavodnitska str., 4v  
5 room, 2/23, 198 / 117.5 / 18.4 m2
12 936 000 грн. per object / 65 340 грн. per m2

For sale:  5-room apartment - Старонаводницька str., 4в, Pechersk (8327-342) |

Prostore planuvannya: 5 kimnat (3 spalni, zal, dityacha), 3 sanvuzli, garderobna. Eksklyuzivniy remont: pidloga - mozayika (parket i natur. kamin); stini - venetsiyska shtukaturka; natyazhni steli...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Yusuhno Irina Anatoliyivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Golosiyivo, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Potyehina Polkovnika str., 4  
2 room, 4/14, 44 / 25.2 / 8.4 m2
2 112 000 грн. per object / 47 995 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Потєхіна Полковника str., 4, Golosiyivo (8567-053) |

Yakisniy remont vikonaniy v 2012 rotsi, lodzhiya uteplena i obshita derevom, finskiy laminat, ispanska plitka, zaminena vsya provodka i trubi v sanvuzli, dva konditsionera, lichilniki na vodu, ...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Belikova Olga Oleksandrivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Podil, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Olenivska str., 10  
3 room, 6/7, 81 / 48.8 / 10 m2
3 300 000 грн. per object / 40 735 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Оленiвська str., 10, Podil (8164-483) |

P'yat hvilin vid metro. Budinok 2005 roku, vidminniy zakritiy dvir zi skverikom i dityachim maydanchikom, prekrasni susidi. Vsi komunikatsiyi novi, vidminne planuvannya - dvostoronnya, vsi kimnati...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Yermachenko Ganna Sergiyivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Luk'yanivka, Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Degtyarivska str., 30v  
3 room, 3/10, 67 / 39.6 / 8.7 m2
3 696 000 грн. per object / 55 176 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Дегтярівська str., 30в, Luk'yanivka (8513-066) |

Krasiva kvartira v tihomu rayoni. Budinok znahoditsya u dvori. Kvartira z garnim remontom, vbudovani mebli ta pobutova tehnika, vstanovleni konditsioneri, importna santehnika. Na pidlozi parket ta ...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Kizim Roman Viktorovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 1-room apartment
Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Dovzhenka str., 12  
1 room, 4/5, 31 / 16 / 7 m2
1 784 377 грн. per object / 57 546 грн. per m2

For sale:  1-room apartment - Довженка str., 12, Shevchenkivskiy (8563-916) |

Chudova odnokimnatna kvartira z yakisnim remontom. Na kuhni vikladeno plitka, laminat, vbudovana kuhnya. Vstanovleno lichilniki na vodu ta gaz. Kvartira prodayetsya z meblyami. Vikna vihodyat na dor...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Nechitaylo Nataliya Mikolayivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Luk'yanivka, Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Degtyarivska str., 25a  
2 room, 11/25, 65 / 37.3 / 10.1 m2
3 300 000 грн. per object / 50 767 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Дегтярівська str., 25а, Luk'yanivka (8214-642) |

Kvartira v elitnomu ZhK «Kosmopoliten», VIP rivnya. Kvartira roztashovana bezposeredno v parkoviy zoni Shevchenkivskogo rayonu mista Kiyeva z vidom na park. Shikarna, svitla, prostora kvartira z do...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Syelivanov Vitaliy Valeriyovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr), Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Mihaylivskiy prov., 20  
3 room, 3/4, 70 / 45 / 10 m2
3 300 000 грн. per object / 47 150 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Михайлівський пров., 20, Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr) (8567-104) |

Tsarskiy budinok bez lifta, steli 4 metri, zhitloviy stan, velikiy koridor, vanna i tualet rozdilni, novi plastikovi vikna po vsiy kvartiri, v vitalni, kuhni, koridori ta vanniy kosmetichniy r...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Halaberda Igor Oleksiyovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Poznyaki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Dragomanova str., 2b  
2 room, 6/25, 67 / 33.2 / 11.9 m2
2 059 200 грн. per object / 30 730 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Драгоманова str., 2б, Poznyaki (8567-085) |

Kvartira duzhe prostora. Panoramni vikna. Vikonaniy yakisniy remont, vse robilosya dlya sebe. V remonti vikoristovuvalisya yakisni materiali. Zalishayutsya vsi mebli i pobutova tehnika. Dobre rozvine...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Graschenkova Ganna Volodimirivna  +38 044 ********** show