The leader of sales of foreign real estate among Ukrainians is just Bulgaria. For several years, it is in first place in the number of transactions, both buying and selling real estate in Europe.

What attracts the inhabitants of this country in Europe, so it's low housing prices, the ability to issue credit, the beauty of the coast, clean beaches and sea, a good environment. However, she has always been famous as a great summer seaside resort.In recent years, Bulgaria fell in love and tourists who prefer active winter « holiday ». If you want to buy property in Bulgaria, use this section of our site.

Features buying

Bulgarian law allows foreign entities to acquire real estate in the country, but with some restrictions. All foreign individuals or legal entities may purchase apartments in Bulgaria in their own names.But provided that the apartments are not sold with the land on the territory of which the housing was built. Almost all the apartments in Bulgaria put up for sale without land. In most cases, you can buy property without any restrictions.

When buying a house with land, you need to know that in general, the land can not be sold to foreigners. It can only be purchased, if you register a Bulgarian company.Under the exceptions to this rule currently fall pre- eminence and legal entities from the European Union. For all other foreigners who are not citizens of the EU or the European Economic Area, the general restriction on the purchase of land in Bulgaria remains in force.

begin search

Before you begin your property search in Bulgaria carefully check ads on our site. Here you can find a house or apartment that you will love.After that, you need to contact the owner or real estate agent. Last will be able to advise you on any matter relating to the purchase of real estate in Bulgaria; It will tell you everything you want to know about this country.On our real estate portal you can see a huge number of lucrative offers.

Further action should be your choice of viewing real estate choice, a trip to Bulgaria.So you can see for all what was stated in the ad or what told the realtor. Depending on your model works, real estate agencies can offer a different scenario inspection of property you selected.For example, once you have identified the most interesting object, execute the necessary documents for traveling in Bulgaria you will meet a specialist who organizes the view property. Also, you can help with the departure to inspect property.Your agent will answer all your questions and help you make an excellent choice.

If you have already decided on the property, on the buying process begins, which consists of several stages. Details about them can tell a lawyer or an expert of foreign real estate.