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all discussion of each subject of the real estate market in Kiev in the portal are summarized in a single section of the forum.Here you can participate in the discussion of new buildings in Kiev, developers, agencies, realtors, or to ask any question that is not directly connected with any of the participants, for example, which area is better to buy an apartment in Kiev, or what is better - a house in a new building on the outskirts ofKiev or "secondary" in the center.

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Real Estate Kyiv

Ad list 1-20 from 66326
Lease 4-room apartment
Lipki, Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Lyuteranskaya ul., 28  
4 room, 2/7, 180 / 105 / 16 m2
79 200 грн. per month per object / 440 грн. per m2

Lease 4-room apartment - Лютеранская ул., 28, Lipki (8995-381) |

4 komnatnaya kvartira pod ofis na ul. Shelkovichnaya 30, tsarskiy otrestavrirovannyy dom v serdtse Lipok, 180 kv m, vysokie potolki, 2/7, lift, konserzhki, kruglosutochnaya ohranyaemaya parkovk...

Gayane Rudolfovna  067 23***** show
For sale: shop
Golosiyivskiy (tsentr), Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Kazimira Malevicha ul., 111  
1 room, 232 m2
4 224 000 грн. per object / 18 207 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Казимира Малевича ул., 111, Golosiyivskiy (tsentr) (8980-044) |

Predlagaetsya na prodazhu nezhiloe pomeschenie svobodnogo naznacheniya( pod ofis) , s remontom, pomeschenie podeleno na otdelnye chasti( 69 m.kv, 77m. kv. , 85m.kv.) u kazhdogo est svoy vhod , oku...

Dmitriy  050 42***** show
Lease 1-room apartment
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Vladimira Mayakovskogo prosp., 59  
1 room, 1/9, 31 / 14 / 7 m2
5 800 грн. per month per object / 187 грн. per m2

Lease 1-room apartment - Владимира Маяковского просп., 59, Troyeschina (8995-529) |

pr.Mayakovskogo. 59A. 1/9 kirpichnogo doma, 31/14/7kv.m., kvartira posle kosmeticheskogo remonta, uyutnaya, chistenkaya, meblirovana, metalloplastikovye okna, bronedver, balkon zasteklen, res...

Nadezhda  067 77***** show
Lease 3-room apartment
Solom'yanka, Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Mehanizatorov ul., 2  
3 room, 10/23, 142 / 75 / 16 m2
32 000 грн. per month per object / 225 грн. per m2

Lease 3-room apartment - Механизаторов ул., 2, Solom'yanka (8983-532) |

BEZ KOMISSII! Mehanizatorov, 2 Sdaetsya svetlaya i prostornaya kvartira v zakrytom ZhK"IZUMRUDNYY" V kvartire est vse neobhodimoe dlya komfortnogo prozhivaniya: Vstroennaya kuhnya, duhovoy shkaf, va...

Yuliya  095 33***** show
For sale: 1-room apartment
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Grigoriya Vaschenko ul., 3  
1 room, 8/21, 44 / 18 / 9 m2
1 663 200 грн. per object / 37 800 грн. per m2

For sale:  1-room apartment - Григория Ващенко ул., 3, Osokorki (8983-525) |

ul.Vaschenko 3, 8/25, 44/18/9 ZhK "Molodezhnyy kvartal", kvartira s remontom, vstroennaya kuhnya, iz kotoroy vyhod na bolshuyu zasteklennuyu i uteplennuyu lodzhiyu, garderobnaya, sanuzel sovmesch...

Ekaterina  093 82***** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Pecherskiy (tsentr), Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Staronavodnitskaya ul., 4  
3 room, 2/18, 114 / 55 / 15 m2
5 808 000 грн. per object / 50 947 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Старонаводницкая ул., 4, Pecherskiy (tsentr) (8983-506) |

Ochen uyutnaya meblirovannaya kvartira v Tsarskom sele na Staronavodnitskoy 4a. Sdelan kachestvennyy remont. Ostaetsya kachestvennaya dorogaya mebel iz dereva, vstroennaya tehnika.Podogrev polov, impo...

Elena  067 40***** show
For sale: home
Demiyivka, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Listopadnaya ul., 1  
9 room, 200 m2 (total), 6 hundreds sq. m.
5 808 000 грн.

For sale:  home - Листопадная ул., 1, Demiyivka (8983-732) |

Prodazha doma 200 m2 na 6 sotkah zemli v Goloseevskom rayone Kieva, Demeevka, ul. Listopadnaya. V dome 2 etazha, 9 komnat, avtonomnoe otoplenie. Dom posle rekonstruktsii. Na uchastke garazh na dva...

Irina Sokolskaya  097 51***** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Saperna Slobidka, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Bolshaya Kitaevskaya ul., 83  
2 room, 5/5, 57 / 35 / 8 m2
1 438 800 грн. per object / 25 242 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Большая Китаевская ул., 83, Saperna Slobidka (8983-554) |

Prodam 2h-komnatnuyu stalinku po adresu: ul. Bolshaya Kitaevskaya, 83. Ploschad 57/35/8 m2, 5 etazh, krysha v proshlom godu perekryta zanovo, chistoe paradnoe. Horoshee mesto - dom nahoditsya vo d...

Irina Sokolskaya  097 51***** show
Rent non-residential premises
Komsomolskiy, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Brovarskoy prosp., 33  
1 room, 170 m2
110 500 грн. per month per object / 650 грн. per m2

Rent non-residential premises - Броварской просп., 33, Komsomolskiy (8989-452) |

Arenda pomescheniya 170 kv.m metro Darnitsa fasad na Brovarskoy prospekt Brovarskoy prospekt 29a, 1 etazh v otdelno-stoyaschem 2-h etazhnom zdanii, metro Darnitsa , fasad na brovarskoy prospekt, dv...

Yuliya  093 30***** show
Rent non-residential premises
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Tsentralnaya ul.  
1 room, 200 m2
50 000 грн. per month per object / 250 грн. per m2

Rent non-residential premises - Центральная ул., Osokorki (8989-282) |

Arenda: pomeschenie 200kv.m. metro Slavutich ul.Tsentralnaya ul.Tsentralnaya (metro Slavutich), pomeschenie nahoditsya na 2-om etazhe OSZ , otdelnyy vhod, fasad, otoplenie individualnoe, s/u, remo...

Yuliya  093 30***** show
Rent non-residential premises
Komsomolskiy, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Brovarskoy prosp., 29  
1 room, 60 m2
18 000 грн. per month per object / 300 грн. per m2

Rent non-residential premises - Броварской просп., 29, Komsomolskiy (8983-553) |

pr.Brovarskoy 29a - metro Darnitsa nezhiloe pomeschenie polupodval (pomeschenie s oknom) 60 kv.m.v OSZ metro Darnitsa 2 min peshkom, zdanie raspolozheno na fasade Brovarskogo prospekta, otkrytaya p...

Yuliya  093 30***** show
For sale: 2-room apartment in the new building
Vinogradar, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Pravdy prosp., 43  
2 room, 10/26, 65 / 24 / 18 m2
1 504 800 грн. per object / 23 151 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment in the new building - Правды просп., 43, Vinogradar (8983-551) |

Ochen srochno, samaya nizkaya tsena! Posrednikov prosba ne bespokoit! Sdacha doma 2020 god Varshavskiy plyus 2 komnatnaya kvartira 10/26 etazh v uyutnom i sovremennom dome ploschad 65/24/18 kv. m U...

Valeriy  073 19***** show
For sale: 1-room apartment
Pecherskiy (tsentr), Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Predslavinskaya ul., 53  
1 room, 16/21, 56 / 0 / 24 m2
5 544 000 грн. per object / 99 000 грн. per m2

For sale:  1-room apartment - Предславинская ул., 53, Pecherskiy (tsentr) (8983-544) |

Predlagayu k prodazhe apartamenty klassa lyuks po adresu: Predslavinskaya 53 (Frantsuzkiy Kvartal 2) obschey ploschadyu 56 kv.m. na 16 etazhe 21 etazhnogo doma. Dizaynerskiy remont vypolnen iz kachest...

Yaroslav  098 52***** show
Lease 2-room apartment
Harkivskiy, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Solomii Krushelnitskoy ul., 15  
2 room, 20/26, 56 / 35 / 9 m2
10 000 грн. per month per object / 179 грн. per m2

Lease 2-room apartment - Соломии Крушельницкой ул., 15, Harkivskiy (8983-543) |

Dvuhkomnatnaya kvartira, ul.S. Krushelnitskoy, 15. Neobhodimaya mebel, bytovaya tehnika. Balkon zasteklen, sanuzel razdelnyy. Schetchiki na teplo, vodu, elektrichestvo. Platezhi po kommunalnym...

Lyudmila  067 25***** show
Rent non-residential premises
Poznyaki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Urlovskaya ul.  
1 room, 15 m2
7 000 грн. per month per object / 467 грн. per m2

Rent non-residential premises - Урловская ул., Poznyaki (8992-914) |

Sdam kabinet v arendu kosmetologu/lashmeykeru/masteru permanentnogo makiyazha po adresu Urlovskaya . Fasadnoe pomeschenie 15m2, remont, boyler, svoy sanuzel, otaplivaetsya obogrevatelyami. Est me...

Nataliya  067 22***** show
For sale: home
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Dimitrova ul., 3  
7 room, 222 m2 (total), 2.5 hundreds sq. m.
2 904 000 грн.

For sale:  home - Димитрова ул., 3, Troyeschina (8987-519) |

Bez komissii!!! Interesnaya tsena tolko do novogo goda! Super predlozhenie 500 u.e. za kvadratnyy metr !!!Predlagaetsya v prodazhu obekt ZhK "Troitskiy"- eto sovremennyy kompleks. Tanhaus nahoditsya...

Nataliya  067 22***** show
Lease 3-room apartment
Golosiyivskiy (tsentr), Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Krasnoarmeyskaya ul., 102  
3 room, 8/9, 63 m2 (total)
18 000 грн. per month per object / 286 грн. per m2

Lease 3-room apartment - Красноармейская ул., 102, Golosiyivskiy (tsentr) (8983-533) |

Pervaya sdacha kvartiry! Sdayotsya chistaya i akkuratnaya 3-h komnatnaya kvartira. Odna komnata prohodnaya, ostalnye razdelnye. V kvartire est vsya neobhodimaya mebel i tehnika. Vstroennaya kuhnya, ...

Yuliya  095 33***** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Vitryani Gori, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Ivana Izhakevicha ul.  
2 room, 1/3, 46 / 30 / 5 m2
897 600 грн. per object / 19 513 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Ивана Ижакевича ул., Vitryani Gori (8984-133) |

Prodazha 2-h komnatnoy kvartiry v Podolskom r-ne, po ul. Izhakevicha Obschaya ploschad 46, 3kv.m.Raspolozhena na 1-m etazhe, 3-ti etazhnogo kirpichnogo doma, ne uglovaya. Komnaty razdelnye, zhiloe ...

larisa  098 44***** show
Lease 2-room apartment
Kurenivka, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Belitskaya ul., 18  
2 room, 6/18, 70 / 40 / 18 m2
11 000 грн. per month per object / 157 грн. per m2

Lease 2-room apartment - Белицкая ул., 18, Kurenivka (8982-381) |

Ul.Belitskaya 18. 70 kv.m, kuhnya 18 kv.m, 2 bolshie komnaty po 20 kv.m.Novyy dom, 5 let domu.6 et/20 et3 lifta, konserzh, videonablyudenie, est 2 konditsionera, stiralnaya mashina, holodilnik, nab...

larisa  098 44***** show
For sale: 4-room apartment
Teremki-1, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Akademika Zabolotnogo ul., 88  
4 room, 9/12, 92 / 54 / 8 m2
1 874 400 грн. per object / 20 374 грн. per m2

For sale:  4-room apartment - Академика Заболотного ул., 88, Teremki-1 (8982-342) |

Bezkomissii, metro "Teremki" -7 min. Peshkom. ul. 4 kom. kv., ul. Ak. Zabolotnogo 88, 9/12 et, svezhiy kosmeticheskiy remont, vse komnaty razdelnye, kvadratnyy holl. Tri lodzhii - zastekleny. Ok...

Inna Nikolaevna  067 40***** show