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all discussion of each subject of the real estate market in Kiev in the portal are summarized in a single section of the forum.Here you can participate in the discussion of new buildings in Kiev, developers, agencies, realtors, or to ask any question that is not directly connected with any of the participants, for example, which area is better to buy an apartment in Kiev, or what is better - a house in a new building on the outskirts ofKiev or "secondary" in the center.

As of the 2015 real estate portal in Kiev Dom2000 is available in Russian, Ukrainian, English and Polish. We are open to proposals for cooperation and will be glad to consider your appeal.
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Real Estate Kyiv

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For sale: 1-room apartment in the new building
Vitryani Gori, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Krasnopolskaya str., 2g  
1 room, 10/27, 47 / 21 / 12 m2
1 195 469 грн. per object / 25 436 грн. per m2

For sale:  1-room apartment in the new building - Краснопольская str., 2г, Vitryani Gori (3903-857) |

Prodam 1komn. kvartiru 47/21/12 v ZhK «Parkova Vezha» v Podolskom r-ne, ul.Krasnopolskaya 2g. 10 etazh . Kompleks raspolozhen v zelenoy parkovoy zone s ozerami, uyutnyy vnutrenniy dvor s detskim...

Viktoriya  063 65********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment in the new building
Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Krasnopolskaya str., 2g  
2 room, 11/27, 85 / 44 / 12 m2
2 185 265 грн. per object / 25 709 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment in the new building - Краснопольская str., 2г, Podilskiy (3903-858) |

Prodam 2komn. kvartiru 85/44/12 v ZhK «Parkova Vezha» v Podolskom r-ne, ul.Krasnopolskaya 2g. 11 etazh . Kompleks raspolozhen v zelenoy parkovoy zone s ozerami, uyutnyy vnutrenniy dvor s detskim...

Viktoriya  063 65********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Poznyaki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Knyazhiy Zaton ul., 15  
2 room, 4/9, 51 / 30 / 8.5 m2
1 173 315 грн. per object / 23 006 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Княжий Затон ул., 15, Poznyaki (6729-806) |

Kvartira s remontom na Knyazhem Zatone! Srochno! Prodaetsya otlichnaya 2-komnatnaya kvartira s remontom na Knyazhem Zatone, 15. Udobnaya transportnaya razvyazka. Do metro Osokorki 10 minut peshkom. ...

Viktoriya  067 82***** show
For sale: 1-room apartment
Solom'yanka, Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Sergeya Kolosa ul., 2  
1 room, 3/5, 33 / 16 / 10 m2
806 825 грн. per object / 24 449 грн. per m2

For sale:  1-room apartment - Сергея Колоса ул., 2, Solom'yanka (6729-803) |

Komfortnaya kvartira s sovremennoy planirovkoy i vysokimi potolkami, v ZhK "Mandarin" ot nadezhnogo zastroyschika (Taunhaus ukraina) po dostupnoy tsene. 5-etazhnyy zhiloy kompleks raspolozhen v Solo...

Roman  097 77***** show
For sale garage
Pechersk, Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Schorsa ul., 36  
16 m2
270 765 грн. per object / 16 923 грн. per m2

For sale garage - Щорса ул., 36, Pechersk (6644-753) |

ul.Schorsa 36v.Pechersk.Prodam parkomesto v ohranyaemom podzemnom parkinge.

Andrey  097 82***** show
Rent non-residential premises
Solom'yanka, Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Kudryashova ul., 16  
3 room, 175 m2
65 000 грн. per month per object / 371 грн. per m2

Rent non-residential premises - Кудряшова ул., 16, Solom'yanka (6729-800) |

Arenda nezhilogo pomescheniya. Kiev, ul. Kudryashova 16a. Ploschad - 175kv.m. Pervyy etazh. Remont posle detskogo tsentra razvitiya. Tsena - 65 000grn. =385id_pag...

Oleg  067 50***** show
Lease 3-room apartment
Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr), Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Zhitomirskaya Bolshaya ul., 8  
3 room, 5/5, 146 m2 (total)
95 725 грн. per month per object / 656 грн. per m2

Lease 3-room apartment - Житомирская Большая ул., 8, Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr) (6729-797) |

Arenda vidovoy kvartiry v tsentre stolitse. Kiev, ul. Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya 8b. 5/5 tsarskogo doma s liftom. Obschaya ploschad - 146kv.m. Dve spalni, gostinaya s kuhney ob edineny v studiyu, 2 sa...

Oleg  067 50***** show
For sale: land
Korchuvate, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city  
16 hundreds sq. m.
6 564 000 грн. per land / 410 250 грн. per hundred sq. m.

For sale:  land - Korchuvate (6729-795) |

Prodazha zemelnogo uchastka. Kiev, ul. Peredovaya 2, 2a. Fasad Stolichnogo shosse. Ploschad - 16sot (dva uchastka po 8sot). Rovnyy relef. Kommunikatsii: gaz, elektroenergiya, voda - skvazhina. L...

Oleg  067 50***** show
Lease shop
Podil, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Ilinskaya ul., 8  
1 room, 500 m2
136 750 грн. per month per object / 274 грн. per m2

Lease shop - Ильинская ул., 8, Podil (6729-794) |

Kiev, ul. Ilinskaya 8, BTs "Ilinskiy". Poisk strategicheskogo partnyora na razvitie i ekspluatatsiyu chasti pomescheniya v magazine "Imperiya Meha ". Ploschad - 300-700kv.m. Vozmozhnye varianty so...

Oleg  067 50***** show
Rent cafe/restaurant
Minskiy, Obolonskiy, Kyiv city
Mayorova Mihayla str., 2  
1 room, 500 m2
150 000 грн. per month per object / 300 грн. per m2

Rent cafe/restaurant - Майорова Михайла str., 2, Minskiy (6729-777) |

Predlagaem Vashemu vnimaniyu Torgovyy tsentr Polyarnyy, ul. M. Mayorova, 2. Magaziny ot 23kv.m do 600kv.m. Restorannaya zona - 800kv.m Detskaya zona razvlecheniy - 155kv.m. Parking - 430 mashinomest...

Oleg  067 50***** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Podil, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Turovskaya ul., 9  
3 room, 2/6, 86 / 53 / 12 m2
3 829 000 грн. per object / 44 523 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Туровская ул., 9, Podil (6675-435) |

Prodam shikarnuyu 3-h komnatnuyu kvartiru v Podolskom rayone. Ulitsa Turovskaya, 9. Ploschad 86 m2. 2/6 et. Dorogoy remont, italyanskaya mebel, vstroennaya kuhnya i bytovaya tehnika, elektroplita,...

Yuliana  063 10***** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Obolon, Obolonskiy, Kyiv city
Geroev Stalingrada prosp., 2  
3 room, 12/24, 70 / 30 / 15 m2
4 376 000 грн. per object / 62 514 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Героев Сталинграда просп., 2, Obolon (6675-434) |

Prodam kvartiru bez posrednikov (ot sobstvennika)! Prospekt Geroev Stalingrada 2d, ZhK "Park Stoun". Ploschad 70 m2. 12/24 et. Dizaynerskiy remont, studio, dzhakuzi, vsya bytovaya tehnika. Super v...

Andrey  063 30***** show
Lease room
Nivki, Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Daniila Scherbakovskogo ul.  
2 room, 2/4, 45 m2 (total)
1 700 грн. per month

Lease room - Даниила Щербаковского ул., Nivki (6675-238) |

Sdam koy ko mesto Shevchenkovskiy r-n Nivki ul Scherbakovskogo, dlya devushki, televizor, holodilnik, stiralnaya mashina, garniturnaya mebel, kafel, okna vo dvor, horoshee sostoyanie , ryadom metro ...

Sveta  093 70***** show
For sale: land
Demiyivka, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city  
11.4 hundreds sq. m.
3 555 500 грн. per land / 311 886 грн. per hundred sq. m.

For sale:  land - Demiyivka (6655-207) |

Prodazha fasadnogo, dvuhstoronnego uchastka s domom i sadom na Strategicheskom shosse, 7 vblizi prosp. Nauki, metro Demeevskaya. Tsena - 130 000 u.e. Bez komissii.

Oleg Semchishin  067 35***** show
For sale: land
Akademmistechko, Svyatoshinskiy, Kyiv city  
10 hundreds sq. m.
2 324 750 грн. per land / 232 475 грн. per hundred sq. m.

For sale:  land - Akademmistechko (6654-751) |

Prodaetsya zemelnyy uchastok 10sotok v Kieve po ul.Obuhovskoy 126 .Uchastok raspolozhen v otlichnom meste - les ryadom, ozero - 300 metrov, metro -1500 metrov, svet, gaz, udobnyy pod ezd, horoshay...

Tatyana  063 56***** show
Lease 2-room apartment
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Miloslavskaya ul., 47  
2 room, 6/17, 67 / 36 / 12 m2
8 500 грн. per month per object / 127 грн. per m2

Lease 2-room apartment - Милославская ул., 47, Troyeschina (6631-742) |

2 komn.kv. po ul.Miloslavska, №47 na 6/18et. doma, 67/36/12, vse razdelno, meblirovana, okna vo dvor, lodzhiya zasteklena, , steklopakety, laminat, linoleum, kafel, vstroenaya kuhnya, shkafy -kupe, k...

Lidiya  067 50***** show
For sale: shop
Mik. Slobidka, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Kahovskaya ul., 60  
4 room, 516 m2
21 672 000 грн. per object / 42 000 грн. per m2

For sale:  shop - Каховская ул., 60, Mik. Slobidka (6729-774) |

Prodazha nezhilogo torgovogo pomescheniya v novom ZhK. Kiev, Kahovskaya 60, Dneprovskiy rayon. Perekrestok s ulitsey Chelyabinskoy, dom nomer 4. Nezhiloe pomeschenie obschey ploschadyu - 515, 91...

Oleg  067 50***** show
For sale: 2-room apartment in the new building
Teremki-2, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Teremkovskaya ul., 3  
2 room, 22/23, 54 m2 (total)
1 777 750 грн. per object / 32 921 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment in the new building - Теремковская ул., 3, Teremki-2 (6664-585) |

Teremkovskaya, 3, novyy dom v 7 minutah hodby ot metro Teremki i TRTs Magelan. Prekrasnaya transportnaya razvyazka i infrastruktura, v peshey dostupnosti Ippodrom, Delfinariy i VDNH. Kvartira ra...

Nadezhda  050 46***** show
Lease 3-room apartment
Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr), Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya str., 8  
3 room, 5/5, 137 m2 (total)
90 255 грн. per month per object / 659 грн. per m2

Lease 3-room apartment - Большая Житомирская str., 8, Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr) (6588-730) |

B.Zhitomirskaya, 8b starinnyy otrestavrirovannyy dom v istoricheskom tsentre Kieva. Prekrasnaya infrastruktura i transportnaya razvyazka. Kvartira nahoditsya na 5 etazhe/5 etazhnogo doma s liftom, po...

Nadezhda  050 46***** show
Lease 3-room apartment
Karavayevi Dachi, Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Ushinskogo ul., 17  
3 room, 2/5, 60 m2 (total)
18 000 грн. per month per object / 300 грн. per m2

Lease 3-room apartment - Ушинского ул., 17, Karavayevi Dachi (6720-440) |

Sdam 3h komn.kv. po ul. Ushinskogo, orientir Sevastopolskaya pl. 60kv.m., 2/5et. V kvartire god nazad sdelali kapitalnyy dizaynerskiy remont v stile LOFT. Vstroennaya kuhnya so vsey neobhodimoy kuho...

AN Vsya nedvizhimost Ukrainy  096 29***** show