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Real Estate Kyiv

Ad list 1-20 from 83399
For sale: 1-room apartment
Svyatoshin, Svyatoshinskiy, Kyiv city
Petritskogo A., 23a  
1 room, 10/16, 46 / 16 / 18 m2
1 880 250 грн. per object / 40 875 грн. per m2

For sale:  1-room apartment - Петрицького А., 23а, Svyatoshin (7579-325) |

Zatishna kvartira v komfortnomu kompleksi, funktsionallno produmane planuvannya, kvartira svitla i prostora zavdyaki panoramnim viknam, z remontom, meblyami ta tehnikoyu. ZhK "Vidpochinok" - zhili...

For sale: 3-room apartment
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Liskivska str., 30  
3 room, 20/22, 96 / 46.5 / 14.2 m2
3 270 000 грн. per object / 34 063 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Лісківська str., 30, Troyeschina (7587-708) |

Kvartira dvostoronnya u vidminnomu zhitlovomu stani, na pidlozi laminat / kilimi, na stinah pokleyeni shpaleri, lyustri, m'yaki mebli, pobutova tehnika, zasklena i obshita lodzhiya, tri shafi-k...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Voytenko Valentina Ivanivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Golosiyivskiy (tsentr), Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Yamska str., 35/34  
2 room, 4/18, 78.9 / 37.9 / 13.2 m2
5 450 000 грн. per object / 69 079 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Ямська str., 35/34, Golosiyivskiy (tsentr) (6557-188) |

Remont, sklopaketi, velikiy hol, 2 s/v, nova provodka, mozhlivo pid ofis. ZhK "Yantarniy" 2013r., styazhka, radiatori, stelya N=2, 8m., stini u kvartiri z chervonoyi tsegli, u budinku 3-i li...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Chikin Pavlo Mikolayovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 4-room apartment
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Grishka Mihayla str., 9  
4 room, 31/32, 117 / 68 / 15 m2
4 496 250 грн. per object / 38 423 грн. per m2

For sale:  4-room apartment - Гришка Михайла str., 9, Osokorki (5095-739) |

Dvorivneva, na pershomu rivni prostora kuhnya z vitalneyu, na drugomu - 3 spalni, stilniy yakisniy remont, robili dlya sebe, 2 sanvuzli, laminat, kahel, pidvisni steli, garderobna kimnata, s...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Rinka Olena Viktorivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Regeneratorna str., 4korp.3  
3 room, 5/6, 94 / 73.3 / 8 m2
4 360 000 грн. per object / 46 380 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Регенераторна str., 4корп.3, Dniprovskiy (7587-707) |

Zatishna kvartira z vidminnim funktsionalnim planuvannyam, vikonan yakisniy yevroremont, kvartira z meblyami ta tehnikoyu, na pidlozi laminat, vbudovani shafa-kupe, dvospalne lizhko, vbudovana k...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Piskun Oleksandr Viktorovich  +38 044 ********** show
Rent non-residential premises
Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr), Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Gonchara Olesya str.  
1/1, 326 m2 (total)
204 375 грн. per month per object / 627 грн. per m2

Rent non-residential premises - Гончара Олеся str., Shevchenkivskiy (tsentr) (7579-298) |

Fasad, panoramni vikna, visota steli 3.6m, vsi komunikatsiyi, elektrika 100kV, ye pidval -179 m.kv, N = 2.7 m (tsina obgovoryuyetsya), pid bud-yakiy vid diyalnosti, restoran, kafe, bar, mag...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Yatsunek Oleksandr Yevgenovich  +38 044 ********** show
Lease 1-room apartment
Tatarka, Shulyavka, Shevchenkivskiy, Kyiv city
Gertsena str., 35  
1 room, 9/18, 46 / 17.2 / 14.8 m2
14 000 грн. per month per object / 304 грн. per m2

Lease 1-room apartment - Герцена str., 35, Tatarka (7506-574) |

Kvartira v ZhK "Gertsen-park". Remont v stili minimalizm, obladnana vsim neobhidnim dlya komfortnogo zhittya. Garderobna, smart-TV Panasonic, internet, konditsioner, boyler, pralna mashina, hol...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Polyah Bogdan Vitaliyovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 4-room apartment
Poznyaki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Sribnokilska str., 1  
4 room, 12/36, 140 / 83.8 / 14.5 m2
6 812 500 грн. per object / 48 669 грн. per m2

For sale:  4-room apartment - Срібнокільська str., 1, Poznyaki (7452-075) |

Elitniy ZhK "Korona" u samomu sertsi mikrorayonu; zruchne dvostoronnye planuvannya, dva sanvuzli, kimnati okremi; kvartira z yakisnim ofisnim remontom; N=3 m; poruch torgovi ta rozvazhalni tsentri, ...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Rinka Olena Viktorivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Teremki-2, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Lyatoshinskogo str., 14b  
3 room, 2/9, 68 / 49 / 9 m2
2 316 250 грн. per object / 34 063 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Лятошинського str., 14б, Teremki-2 (6888-756) |

Dvostoronnya, velikiy zaskl. i obshitiy balkon, sklopaketi, horoshiy remont, shpaleri (shovkografiya), duboviy parket, vbudovana kuhnya i pobutova tehnika "Bosh", nova santehnika, zaminena pro...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Kolosenko Nataliya Olegivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Demiyivka, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Demiyivska str., 45b  
3 room, 13/16, 79 / 44 / 4.5 m2
2 125 500 грн. per object / 26 896 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Деміївська str., 45б, Demiyivka (6070-790) |

Prostora dvostoronnya kvartira z tsikavim planuvannyam ta yakisnim remontom, ratsionalno vikoristana ploscha, prostoriy sanvuzol z panoramnim viknom ta dzhakuzi, v kuhni ta vanniy kahel, ukomplekt...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Shramko Ruslan Leonidovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Podil, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Spaska str., 22  
3 room, 3/3, 100 / 80 / 10 m2
6 322 000 грн. per object / 63 220 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Спаська str., 22, Podil (4175-371) |

Istorichniy tsentr Podolu, dvostoronnya, bazoviy remont, velika vitalnya (stelya - mansardna vid N = 4, 5 m. do N = 2.0m.- terasa zi spalneyu), reshta ploschi kvartiri stelya rivna, N = 3, 00m, ...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Kolosenko Nataliya Olegivna  +38 044 ********** show
Lease 4-room apartment
Poznyaki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Grigorenka Petra prosp., 7a  
4 room, 12/16, 80 / 75 / 0 m2
15 500 грн. per month per object / 194 грн. per m2

Lease 4-room apartment - Григоренка Петра просп., 7а, Poznyaki (7583-503) |

U spalni 2-spalne lizhko i komod. Noviy rozdilniy sanvuzol i vanna. Vsya neobhidna tehnika: noviy boyler, nova pralna mashina, nova elektroplita induktsiyna, nova duhovka, holodilnik, mikrohvilov...

For sale: 2-room apartment
Golosiyivo, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Lomonosova str., 36b  
2 room, 11/25, 66 / 39 / 13 m2
1 635 000 грн. per object / 24 770 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Ломоносова str., 36б, Golosiyivo (7149-541) |

Vidova kvartira v ZhK "Amurskiy" pislya budivelnikiv, vikna na pivdennu storonu, kvartira ne kutova, Funktsionalne planuvannya, sklopaketi, batareyi, lodzhiya, vstanovleno teplolichilniki, lic...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Pachesyuk Igor Ivanovich  +38 044 ********** show
Lease 1-room apartment
Mostitskiy, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Sergeya Danchenko ul., 30  
1 room, 5/17, 37 / 18 / 9 m2
9 000 грн. per month per object / 243 грн. per m2

Lease 1-room apartment - Сергея Данченко ул., 30, Mostitskiy (7572-343) |

ul.S.Danchenko, 30, novyy ZhK Novomostitsko-Zamkovetskiy, 5/17 et., 37/18/9. V kvartire sdelan sovremennyy remont, polnostyu ukomplektovana novoy mebelyu i tehnikoy . Kvartira svobodna i gotov...

Olga  095 39***** show
For sale: 3-room apartment
Poznyaki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Ahmatovoyi Anni, 7/15  
3 room, 11/11, 139 / 55.3 / 16.1 m2
2 261 750 грн. per object / 16 268 грн. per m2

For sale:  3-room apartment - Ахматової Анни, 7/15, Poznyaki (7568-502) |

U kvartiri povnistyu vikonaniy remont, kabinet, garderobna 9 kv.m, dva balkoni, velikiy zal. Balkoni dozvolyayut zrobiti zoni vidpochinku. Kuhnya prostora, podilena na dvi zoni-zona gotuvannya i ...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Kostochka Svitlana Oleksiyivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Golosiyivo, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Lomonosova str., 85b  
2 room, 24/24, 65.3 / 30.8 / 7 m2
1 498 750 грн. per object / 22 945 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Ломоносова str., 85б, Golosiyivo (7131-726) |

ZhK «Evrika», bazoviy remont: linoleum, mizhkimnatni dveri, santehnika, elektrika, shpaleri, lichilniki tepla, vodi, elektriki, v budinku avtonomna kotelnya, budinok utepleniy hv. vatoyu i v...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Morozevich Dmitro Anatoliyovich  +38 044 ********** show
Lease 1-room apartment
Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Zarichna str., 1g  
1 room, 8/25, 50 / 18 / 16 m2
17 713 грн. per month per object / 354 грн. per m2

Lease 1-room apartment - Зарічна str., 1г, Osokorki (7056-912) |

Kvartira v novomu budinku, pislya remontu, elitniy ZhK, povnistyu obladnana dlya prozhivannya: boyler, konditsioner, velikiy holodilnik, stereo-sistema, internet, elektrozhalyuzi, doroga sant...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Bezkorovayniy Dmitro Oleksiyovich  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 4-room apartment
Pecherskiy (tsentr), Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
V.Vasilkivska (Chervonoarmiyska), 45  
4 room, 5/8, 96 / 0 / 8 m2
3 542 500 грн. per object / 36 897 грн. per m2

For sale:  4-room apartment - В.Васильківська (Червоноармійська), 45, Pecherskiy (tsentr) (6407-900) |

Kvartira u samomu tsentri Kiyeva, funktsionalne planuvannya, velikiy hol, u kvartiri garniy zhiliy stan, parket, u vanniy kimnati kahel i zaminena santehnika, vbudovana kuhnya, vstanovleni sklo...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Havryuchenko Irina Mihaylivna  +38 044 ********** show
For sale: 2-room apartment
Golosiyivo, Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
Lomonosova str., 79  
2 room, 5/5, 57 / 33 / 8.3 m2
3 242 750 грн. per object / 56 898 грн. per m2

For sale:  2-room apartment - Ломоносова str., 79, Golosiyivo (6292-298) |

Dvostoronnya, kapitalniy remont 2010 roku, dvokamerni sklopaketi, balkon zaskleniy, pidlogi parketni, vstanovleni konditsioneri z ionizatorom, zamina ta vstanovlennya santehnichnogo obladnannya,...

Real Estate Agency «Blagovest (Blagovist)», Kolosenko Nataliya Olegivna  +38 044 ********** show
Rent non-residential premises
Vidradniy, Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Gavela Vatslava bulv. (Lepse Ivana)  
31 m2 (total)
12 000 грн. per month per object / 387 грн. per m2

Rent non-residential premises - Гавела Вацлава  бульв. (Лепсе Івана), Vidradniy (7587-706) |

Nezhitlove primischennya pid bud-yakiy vid diyalnosti, ploscheyu 31 m.kv. Primischennya roztashovane v zhitlovomu budinku . Horosha transportna rozvyazka, z prekrasno rozvinenoyu infrastrukturoyu. v...