Rent warehouses in Kyiv city


Industrial space in the market commercial real estate in Kiev rent constitute a small part. can not in every district or a residential area of ​​the capital Rent a room or an entire building as a warehouse in Kiev.Facilities of this type are mostly in industrial zones or on the outskirts of the city. Sooner or later before any question arises now: buy your own warehouse or better rent it. If the budget does not allow, then the second option clearly preferred.After buying the premises for storage — expensive, it does not always have the financial capacity. To all, no need to purchase a property, if your company has just entered the market.

Selecting a warehouse depends on the goals you set for yourself, as well as the budget that you are willing to devote to rent. If you are interested in renting a warehouse in Kiev, you can use our resource.Here you will find always relevant ads that will help your business in the future. Almost every our announcement is accompanied by photos, price and detailed description.Once the choice is made, it is necessary to call the owner of the warehouse and go on a preliminary inspection.

What to look for

When selecting a warehouse, consider the following.For example, if the room will operate a large number of people need a good ventilation system. It is worth paying attention to the communication quality of wiring and so on. Therefore it is better to rent a warehouse in Kiev « Turnkey ».In some cases it will be advisable to find the object « under repair », but with a lower value. Important and location of such property: away from the traffic jams. Consider the convenience and entrance for cars, which will bring / take back goods.Often for a small warehouse suitable basements or basement.

The advantage of our site is the ability to filter search, ask your criteria.Most offer online rental of warehouses and specialized sites for service stations or petrol stations overlap. But each of them has its own specific requirements.

Choosing a room for storage, it is important to take into account:. A certain temperature, the degree of ventilation, humidity, etc. They must comply with the conditions of storage of goods in stock.When selecting a warehouse in Kiev is also important: the location, the proximity to the motorway or rail branches; floor area; number of floors; ceiling height; protection of facilities and others. All this will help to maintain proper product or products.

In addition, the right to organize the storage of goods, it is necessary to carry out a correct assessment of the company's turnover level. This will allow more flexibility to build a marketing strategy.

Found 83 ads

Lease warehouse
Golosiyivskiy (tsentr), Golosiyivskiy, Kyiv city
bolshaya vasilkovskaya str., 72  
1 room, 35 m2
8 000 грн. per month per object / 229 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - большая васильковская str., 72, Golosiyivskiy (tsentr) (9114-150) |

Arenda tselikom, Arenda chastichno ! Nedvizhimost ot vladeltsa v tsentre Kieva. Arenda odnogo parko-mesta ! Arenda dvuh parko-mest ! Arenda Garazh-Boks -Cklad ! Kiev, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 72, TOK...

Sergey Gennadevich  +38 067 ********** show
Lease warehouse
Svyatoshin, Svyatoshinskiy, Kyiv city
Tupoleva str.  
322 m2
41 860 грн. per month per object / 130 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Туполева str., Svyatoshin (3058-812) |

Sdayutsya sklady: 322m2, 422m2, ul.Tupoleva, pomeschenie pod sklad, 1etazh, kapitalnoe zdanie, pod ezd fury, ohrana, parkovka, 130grn/m, est ofisy.

Valena  066 97***** show
Lease warehouse
Borschagivka, Svyatoshinskiy, Kyiv city
Okruzhnaya str.  
50 m2
5 750 грн. per month per object / 115 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Окружная str., Borschagivka (2315-952) |

Koltsevaya doroga, pomescheniya pod sklad 50m2, metallicheskiy angar, pod ezd fury, ohrana, parkovka, est ofisy, 115grn/m.

Valena  066 97***** show
Lease warehouse
Kurenivka, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Syretskaya ul.  
10 room, 965 m2
143 785 грн. per month per object / 149 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Сырецкая ул., Kurenivka (10252-305) |

otlichnaya transportnaya razvyazka, kruglosutochnaya ohrana, predoplata za 1 mesyats, sobstvennik yur. litso, pryamoy dogovor arendy, PODOLSKIY RAYON 1. SKLAD kategorii V+ so vstroennym ofisom: s...

Valentina  067 40***** show
Lease warehouse
Borschagivka, Svyatoshinskiy, Kyiv city
Kiltseva doroga str.  
250 m2
21 250 грн. per month per object / 85 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Кільцева дорога str., Borschagivka (10252-184) |

Sdam v arendu kapitalnyy suhoy sklad 250 kv.m. Territorialno: Bolshaya Okruzhnaya (Kiltseva doroga) v rayone Zhulyanskogo mosta. Ryadom nahodyatsya ul.Pshenichnaya, Yakutskaya, Mira, Proektnaya, ...

TOV "SKS"  050 50***** show
Lease warehouse
Zhulyani, Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Vozduhoflotskiy str.  
1 room, 90 m2
12 600 грн. per month per object / 140 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Воздухофлотский str., Zhulyani (10116-122) |

Sdam pomescheniya 90 kv/m., pr-t. Vozduhoflotskiy, Solomenskiy r-n., Zhulyany, pod sklad, 1-y etazh, bez otopleniya, kruglosutochnaya ohrana, propusknaya sistema, videonablyudenie, avtost...

Lease warehouse
Podil, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
per. Elektrikov, Podolskiy r-n.  
1 room, 216 m2
32 400 грн. per month per object / 150 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - пер. Электриков, Подольский р-н., Podil (10041-217) |

Sdam skladskoe pomescheniya 216 kv/m., per. Elektrikov, Podolskiy r-n. Pomescheniya raspolozheno na pervom etazhe, vysota 5m., horoshee sostoyanie, v nalichii elektropitanie 380Vt. Kruglo...

Lease warehouse
Kurenivka, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Kirilivska str.  
1 room, 102 m2
14 280 грн. per month per object / 140 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Кирилівська str., Kurenivka (10223-115) |

Zdam sklad 102 kv/m., vul.Kirilivska (Frunze), Podilskiy r-n.1 pov., open space, rampa, pid'yizd mashin. Bez opalennya. Dovgostrokovo. Tsilodobova ohorona, parkuvannya. Pid bud-yakiy vid kom. di...

Lease warehouse
Solom'yanskiy, Kyiv city
Provulok Radischeva str., 4  
5 room, 1612 m2
96 720 грн. per month per object / 60 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Провулок Радищева str., 4, Solom'yanskiy (10231-652) |

Sklad, 1612 kv.m., provulok Radischeva, 4. Tretiy poverh. Teritoriya ohoronyayetsya. Ye parking ta vantazhni lifti. Vdala transportna rozv'yazka, 10 hv. do metro Beresteyska ta Shulyavska. Poruch ...

Vladislav  066 50***** show
Lease warehouse
Podil, Podilskiy, Kyiv city
Mezhigorskaya str., 87  
2 room, 180 m2
25 000 грн. per month per object / 139 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Межигорская str., 87, Podil (10159-452) |

Sdam sklad 180m.kv, 1-etazh. Podolskiy rayon, ul. Mezhigorskaya . Rovnyy pol, udobnyy manevr i zaezd mashin , parkovka pered skladom, potolok- 3, 6 metra. Tsena 25000 grn.. Est mnogo drugih ...

Svetlana  096 57********** show
Lease warehouse
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Pogreby str.  
2 room, 300 m2
75 000 грн. per month per object / 250 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Погребы str., Troyeschina (10170-929) |

Sdam farmatsevticheskiy sklad, ploschad 300 kv.m. i 350 kv.s., selo Pogreby, Brovarskoy rayon, ( okraina Troeschiny). Polnostyu sootvetstvuet vsem trebovaniem bystrogo polucheniya litsenzii. Kompl...

Svetlana  096 57********** show
Lease warehouse
Stara Darnitsya, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Grodnenskaya str.  
1 room, 205 m2
20 500 грн. per month per object / 100 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Гродненская str., Stara Darnitsya (10184-765) |

Sdam v arendu kapitalnyy sklad s rampoy 205 kv. m., Dneprovskiy r-n, metro «Chernigovskaya», vysota potolkov 4m, betonirovannyy pol, 380 V, kruglosutochnaya ohrana, udobnyy zaezd avtomobiley, ...

Lease warehouse
Stara Darnitsya, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
Almatinskaya str.  
3 room, 600 m2
50 000 грн. per month per object / 83 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Алматинская str., Stara Darnitsya (10184-147) |

Sdam v arendu pomeschenie s remontom pod sklad, shveynyy tseh i drugoe, na vtorom etazhe ( est pod yomnik). Ploschad 600 kv.m., Dneprovskiy rayon, ulitsa Almatinskaya. Territoriya promyshlennogo p...

Lease warehouse
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Zakrevskogo str.  
1 room, 24 m2
3 000 грн. per month per object / 125 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Закревского str., Troyeschina (10217-906) |

Sdam pomeschenie pod sklad, ploschad 24 kv.m., Desnyanskiy r-n., ul. Zakrevskogo. Fasadnoe zdanie, kotoroe nahoditsya na ozhivlennom perekrestke. Rampa dlya vygruzki, remont, plitka na polu, po...

Lease warehouse
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Zakrevskogo str.  
1 room, 300 m2, 2 hundreds sq. m.
30 000 грн. per month per object / 100 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Закревского str., Troyeschina (4034-207) |

Sdam pomeschenie pod sklad, Desnyanskiy r-n., ul. Zakrevskogo, 300 kv.m., fasad na Zakrevskogo, dveri, bolshie vorota dlya vygruzki tovara, svet, ryadom san.uzel. Kruglosutochnaya ohrana. Ne po...

Lease warehouse
Troyeschina, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
prospekt Mayakovskogo str.  
2 room, 50 m2
7 000 грн. per month per object / 140 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - проспект Маяковского str., Troyeschina (10221-527) |

Sdam sklad, Desnyanskiy r-n, prospekt Mayakovskogo, ploschad 50 kv.m., vysota 4, 5 metra. Komnata pod ofis 20 kv.m. Udobnyy pod ezd malogabaritnogo avto. Parkovka. Ryadom banki, Novaya Pochta. Re...

Lease warehouse
Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Krasnotkatskaya str.  
1 room, 240 m2
28 800 грн. per month per object / 120 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Красноткацкая str., Desnyanskiy (10246-447) |

Sdam v arendu uteplennyy sklad ploschadyu 240 kv.m., Desnyanskiy r-n, ul. Krasnotkatskaya, metro lesnaya 10 minut peshkom, sklad kapitalnyy, N=4.3m. Ryadom rynok " Darynok ", ostanovka obschestv...

Lease warehouse
Lisoviy, Desnyanskiy, Kyiv city
Viskoznaya str., 19  
2 room, 440 m2
26 400 грн. per month per object / 60 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Вискозная str., 19, Lisoviy (10223-042) |

Sklad v kapitalnom zdanii 440 m.kv, ul. Viskoznaya. Potolok -6 metrov, vorota 3.6. Territoriya ograzhdennaya. Parkovka. Tsena 60 grn/m.kv s uchetom NDS ( na 3 mesyatsa). Foto sootvetstvuet. Vse pr...

Lease warehouse
Livoberezhniy, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
prospekt Osvoboditeley str.  
2 room, 80 m2
11 000 грн. per month per object / 138 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - проспект Освободителей str., Livoberezhniy (10220-294) |

Sdam v arendu sklad ploschadyu 80 kv.m., Dneprovskiy rayon, prospekt Osvoboditeley, nulevoy rovnyy pol. Parkovka. Sklad bez otopleniya. Ohranyaemaya territoriya. Metro "Darnitsa" 15 minut peshkom. ...

Lease warehouse
Poznyaki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Zdolbunovskaya str.  
1 room, 200 m2
17 000 грн. per month per object / 85 грн. per m2

Lease warehouse - Здолбуновская str., Poznyaki (10249-683) |

Sdam sklad 200 kv.m, Darnitskiy r-n, ul. Zdolbunovskaya. Ograzhdennaya territoriya. V seredine imuschestvennogo kompleksa kruglosutochnaya fizicheskaya ohrana, osuschestvlyayuschaya propusknoy rezh...