Paid placement of ads

PREMIUM Ads - located on the first places on the main page.
HOT ad - placed high on the search results and the the real estate catalog.

User designates the amount he/she is willing to pay for each ad per day.
The greater the assigned amount compared to other ads, the higher it will appear in the list.
Charges made evenly throughout the day with an interval of charging 30 minutes.
The minimum cost for a hot ad: 0.50 UAH per day
For premium: 5.00 UAH per day.
If there is already an order for the minimal cost, then the lowest possible amount of the order will be hight than the minimum by 0.50 UAH for premium and 0.05 UAH for hot ad, etc.

HOT ads work 5-7 times better by the number of calls, and PREMIUM ads - 20-50 times better.
To order this arrangement, it is necessary to charge your account.
This can be done in one of several ways: through any self-service terminal, with a Webmoney purse, Bank Transfer or through SMS.

You can set the daily amount and order the paid placement at Your Sites page in your Personal Cabinet

По вопросам платного размещения Вы также можете связаться с администратором сайта:
через контакт-форму либо по телефону: +380 44 383-7741