For sale: 2-room apartment (5883-005)

Darnitskiy, Kyiv city
Krushelnitskoy Solomii ulitsa str.
2 room, 10/10, 52 / 32 / 8 m2
1 579 500 грн. per object / 30 375 грн. per m2

28-08-2015-04899 Standartnyy evroremont. Konditsionery v kazhdoy komnate, sputnikovoe TV.

Detailed info of the real estate property:
Floor - 10-yy, type of the building - secondary market, total floor area - 52 sq.m., living floor area - 32 sq.m. Kitchen: 8 sq.m. The cost is fifty-eight thousand five hundreddollars. Location of object Krushelnitskoy Solomii ulitsa str., Darnitskiy, Kyiv city. Property info was posted by mediator and imported into the portal. Personal ad on sell apartments registered in the database of the portal Today 2018-02-20. In a telephone conversation on this subject, please report what you've found this place on our real estate portal Dom2000. Thank you.

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For sale:  2-room apartment - Крушельницкой Соломии улица str., Darnitskiy (5883-005) |

The photo apartments 5883-005

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