For sale: land (5337-875)

4 hundreds sq. m.
603 075 грн. per land / 150 769 грн. per hundred sq. m.

Sotok: 4.

Uchastok pod stroitelstvo zhilogo doma v Leskah, 4 sotki, vse kommunikatsii, blizost k moryu. Zastroennyy rayon, udobnaya transportnaya razvyazka, doroga na TRTs "Rivera".

Detailed info of the real estate property:
Purpose of area - residential development land and commercial use, area square - chetyre. The cost is twenty-one thousand five hundreddollars. Location of object str., Suvorivskyi, Odesa city, Odeska oblast. This ad posted by realtor. Personal ad on sell land posted 46 days ago. When contacting the number below, please report that found this ad on the real estate portal Dom2000

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For sale:  land - Suvorivskyi (5337-875) |

The photo land 5337-875

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