For sale: shop (5337-805)

Stara Darnitsya, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city
harkovskoe shosse str., 19
20 m2
945 000 грн. per object / 47 250 грн. per m2

Prodam torgovoe pomeschenie 20 kv. m. v TRTs «Mega-Siti», Dneprovskiy rayon, Harkovskoe shosse, 19 na pervom etazhe c arendatorami. Vygodnoe raspolozhenie otnositelno peshehodnogo trafika. Na pervom etazhe raspolozheny supermarket «Velika Kishenya», magaziny, kafe. Tsena 35 tys. u.e.

Prodam 40 kv m c arendatorami - 68 tys.u.e - pervyy etazh s remontom.

Detailed info of the real estate property:
Floor - pervyy, square - 20 sq.m., visitors access - open premises, facade - two-sides, building type - business/trade center. The cost is thirty-five thousanddollars. The property is situated: harkovskoe shosse str. 19, Stara Darnitsya, Dniprovskiy, Kyiv city. Property info was posted by the owner shop. Personal ad on sell shop registered in the database of the portal 168 days ago.

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For sale:  shop - харьковское шоссе str., 19, Stara Darnitsya (5337-805) |

The photo shop 5337-805

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