For sale: 1-room apartment in the new building (5337-779)

1 room, 3/5, 48 m2 (total)
704 600 грн. per object / 14 679 грн. per m2

Prodam 1 k kv ryadom s izvestnym plyazhem Odessy – Luzanovka. Dom novyy, svobodnaya planirovka. Pod remont. Ryadom shkoly, det. sadiki, supermarkety, parkovaya zona.

Detailed info of the real estate property:
Floor - tretiy, type of the building - new building. Total floor area: 48 sq.m. Price information: twenty-six thousanddollars. The property is situated: Luzanovka str., Suvorivskyi, Odesa city, Odeska oblast. Ad Added by mediator. Personal ad on sell apartments published 171 days ago.

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For sale:  1-room apartment in the new building - Лузановка str., Suvorivskyi (5337-779) |

The photo apartments 5337-779

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