Lease office (5336-313)

Svyatoshinskiy, Kyiv city
Kolosa str., 15
530 m2
50 000 грн. per month per object / 94 грн. per m2

Bez komissii!ul.Yakuba Kolosa 15.Pomeschenie 530m2

50 000 grn., Svyatoshinskiy

Sdaetsya v arendu podvalnoe pomeschenie,Borschagovka.Dva vhoda, mozhno sdelat fasadnyy vhod, vozmozhna lyubaya planirovka, svet, voda, kanalizatsiya.

Kod 21008

Detailed info of the real estate property:
Floor: basement, type of rent: monthly, square: 530 sq.m. Visitors access: open premises, facade: to the street, building type: business/trade center. Price information: fifty thousandhryvnia. Location of object Kolosa str. 15, Svyatoshinskiy, Kyiv city. Ad Added by mediator. Personal ad on rent office published 14 days ago. When contacting the number below, please report that found this ad on the real estate portal Dom2000

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Real Estate Agency «Business Real Estate», Aleksandr  +38 093 ********** show
Lease office - Колоса str., 15, Svyatoshinskiy (5336-313) |

The photo office 5336-313

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