For sale: land (5105-115)

10 hundreds sq. m.
320 000 грн. per land / 32 000 грн. per hundred sq. m.

as398698. Zemelna dilyanka v ST. Zlagoda pravilnoyi kvadratnoyi formi, doroga z tverdim pokrittyam, susidni dilyanki zabudovani, komunikatsiyi poruch. Dopolnitelnye telefony: 0504166907

Detailed info of the real estate property:
Purpose of area: construction and maintenance of a living building, area square: 10. Price information: three hundred twenty thousandhryvnia. The property is situated: str., Osokorki, Darnitskiy, Kyiv city. Property info was posted by broker. Personal ad on sell land published 6 days ago. When you call for this announcement, please indicate that you have read an ad on the site Dom2000. Thank in advance!

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For sale:  land - Osokorki (5105-115) |

The photo land 5105-115

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