Lease 1-room apartment in the new building (3038-505)

Pechersk, Pecherskiy, Kyiv city
Anri Barbyusa, 37/1
1 room, 21/22, 50 / 20 / 15 m2
2 640 грн. per day per object / 53 грн. per m2

Posutochnaya orenda(100u.o/sutki) Shikarnyy vid na Kiev

21-y poverh, ploscha: 50,0\12,7\15,5;

Dizaynerskiy remont v stili "Hay-tek" -2012 roku:

studio+spalnya, dizaynerski mebli, vbudovana kuhnya, posud,

natyazhna stelya , garderobna , pobutova tehnika,

posudomiyna mashina, kamin, pidigriv pidlogi, boyler,

filtri dlya vodi, tsifrove TV, plazma Led-HD,

video, Internet, 2 konditsioneri LG, lifti OTIS,

parkovka u dvori, shlagbaum, ohorona+konsyerzh,

do st. M "Palats Ukrayina"-100m.,

poruch stadion "Olimpiyskiy;

Virtualnyy tur:

Posutochno 100u.e./sutki

Zaselennya pislya 14-00, Viselennya do 12-00.

Detailed info of the real estate property:
Floor - 21-yy, type of the building - new building, type of rent - daily, total floor area - 50 sq.m. Living floor area - 20 sq.m., kitchen - 15 sq.m., windows overlook - in the yard, tv - lcd / plasma. Refrigerator: branded, furniture: eksklyuzivnaya (vip), air conditioning: two or more, number of balconies: one balcony. Internet est, type of the building - spetsproekt. Wall material - brick, type of flooring - laminate, ceiling type - reinforced-concrete, ceiling height - 3 m. Wc - dva, , prisutstvuet storeroom, prisutstvuet intercom, prisutstvuet signalling, prisutstvuet surveillance. Condition of main entrance: vip, technical condition: vip-renovation, panoramic view, v nalichii parking. The cost is one hundreddollars. Location of object Anri Barbyusa 37/1, Pechersk, Pecherskiy, Kyiv city. Information on this project has been posted by broker. Personal ad on rent apartments registered in the database of the portal 6 days ago. If you plan to use this announcement, please specify that you have found this place on our real estate portal Dom2000. Thank you.

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Lease 1-room apartment in the new building - Анри Барбюса, 37/1, Pechersk (3038-505) |

The photo apartments 3038-505

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